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A Message for Prospective Students




Thank you for your interest in my research, and in joining the Microstructural-Mechanics Lab in the department of Mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. In preparing to go for post-graduate studies you are embarking on one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you will ever experience. Graduate institute is a place where you learn about the fast changing hi-tech world around you, expand your horizons to its fullest potential, and discover & live your passions.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to review my web page and perhaps you have even reviewed some of the publications describing our research. Signing up for post-graduate program is a big commitment (especially for doctorate program) for both student and faculty, hence I encourage you to review the information below before deciding if IIT Bombay and our research lab are right for you. I expect doctoral candidates to understand what is involved in my research, and even more so if they can explain why their background and interests make them well-suited to be a contributing member of my research group.

Our close association with General Motors Global Research, Boeing Research & Technology center and GE India Technology Centre provides our students a unique environment for learning and research. Many sponsored projects also provide an opportunity to spend extended time in corporate laboratories with international exposure. In like manner our collaboration with universities in US, Canada, Austria and Australia add to the overall research aptitude and personality of our students and help them stay abreast of and be involved with the latest advances in science and engineering.

We promote a balanced mix of theory, experiment, computation, and modeling in our program which will prepare you for the emerging employment opportunities in high-tech companies and advance academic institutions.

Prospective Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Postdoctoral candidates in the laboratory are hired for specific positions and are expected to perform research with minimal supervision. Their main output is in the form of high impact journal publications and patents. They are also expected to assist other post-graduate students in the lab. Currently there is one position available in the field of structure-property linkage and microstructural mechanics. Candidates with doctorate from reputed institutions in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science can directly apply with their Curriculum Vitae to my email address.

Prospective Doctoral candidates

A student opting for doctorate program should be committed to the highest standards in research and should have a goal of having a career in advance-research and academia.

There are several avenues to pursue a doctoral degree at IIT Bombay. The prominent ones are given below (a more detailed description can be obtained at the graduate office website ):

Full-time Research Scholar:

1. Institute Research Scholars (Teaching Assistant-TA)
2. Govt./Semi Govt. Fellowship Awardees (QIP, CSIR, UGC, DAE, DST, DBT, NBHM, etc.)
3. Sponsored candidates(SW)
4. Self- financed (Indian/Foreign)/Study Leave (SF)
5. ICCR Awardees (Foreign Students)

Part-time Research Scholar:

1. Institute Faculty/Staff (IS)
2. Project Staff(PS)
3. Research Assistants(RA)
4. External candidates (Sponsored) (EX)
5. Candidates from Colleges/Educational Institutes carrying out Research Work during week-ends holidays and vacation, at IIT, Bombay (CT)

IITB-Monash Research Academy

The IITB-Monash Research Academy is an exciting partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and Monash University, Melbourne (Australia). The Academy, has designed a jointly-badged PhD program in which students can undertake research in several thematic areas focusing on the fields of Science and Engineering. The Academy is offering attractive PhD scholarships along with experience in Monash University to suitable candidates.

Prospective Postgraduate scholars

Details regarding post graduate program admission are provided at the institute academic homepage.

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduate students both from within IITB and outside are encouraged to participate in research projects in our lab. They work with faculty, post-graduate students, and other undergraduates during the academic year as well as summers, sometimes for course credit, but often to gain experience. In some instances they could also be paid some remuneration from a project. Students participate in research in a variety of ways, including developing and carrying out laboratory experiments, designing hardware and software, analyzing models of physical processes or systems, writing about their research for publication, and making presentations about their results. Sometimes a student is a coauthor with a faculty member or researcher on a paper published in journals or presented at major conferences in the field, and the student may actually present the paper at the conference.

The most important traits of undergraduate researchers are: sincere interest in learning, good work ethic, responsibility, communications skills, enthusiasm, and some technical skill. Useful technical skills include building/machining/electronics, programming in C/C++, using Matlab for simulation and plotting, and statistical analysis. Good grades are essential; research should augment, not replace, excellent academic work. Students should be committed to meeting both academic goals and obtaining research results.



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