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Internal structures are at the heart of the materials science paradigm, connecting processing to properties and performance. It is the cumulative interaction of geometric and crystallographic internal structures: from nano, micro and meso to macro scale; that is exhibited in the form of response of the material. At the nano scale, the problem of packing objects in space has immense practical importance  in subjects ranging from a study of the crystal structure of materials, glasses & liquids to gene & protein folding and communication theory. At the micron scale the interaction of grains, sub- domains, micro-texture, precipitates and other microstructural features is dominant.

My research interest encompasses the above length scales to mathematically model structures and study materials response and behavior. Specifically, my research deals with the sub field of microstructural-mechanics. Microstructural-mechanics is a modern equivalent of traditional mechanical metallurgy. It combines the computational methods of structural mechanics and materials sciences in a framework defined by heterogeneous materials microstructure. The success of the above methodology depends on the mathematical representation of the materials microstructure. This becomes particularly more challenging since, in spite of recent advances in microscopy (SPM, EBSD, etc.), the microstructural characterization is limited to 2D surfaces whereas the true microstructure is three-dimensional in nature. Thus a main thrust of my research is in deconvolution of true three-dimensional microstructure by combining data from various 2D characterization techniques. This involves study of mathematical relations on the intersection of d-dimensional planes through objects in hyperspace and arrangement & tiling of objects in space. This is achieved by a combination of integral geometry, measure theory and mathematical morphology. It is complemented by high-resolution microscopy and computer modeling.


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